HPVDT is dedicated to learning, creating, and teaching engineering principles through projects that push the boundaries of efficiency in transportation. Our resources required to operate as well as building materials have come from 25+ industry partners and personal donations. If your organization believes in our mission, you too can contribute to developing the engineers of tomorrow and advancing sustainable transportation.

SOLIDWORKS is the main design platform for all of our projects. We also take advantage of its capabilities for CAM, FEA, and CFD. Finally, we utilize their certification program (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate and Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional), to help Team members advance their computer modelling skills.

Since 2018, ANSYS has provided our team with simulation software licenses used to optimize vehicles like Zephyr and TITAN, currently the fastest tandem bike in the world. We use ANSYS for projects that require advanced CFD, vibration simulations, and advanced composites modelling.

Pratt & Whitney Canada, one of the world’s leading aerospace companies, has generously helped fund the team’s operations since our very first project. Their support has improved the education of many engineers and researchers in aerospace applications. The contributions of P&WC are primarily used to purchase materials and components for our projects.

The University of Toronto Engineering Society (also called “EngSoc”) is the engineering student union at University of Toronto. EngSoc, through its subsidiary known as the Design Team Association (DTA), helps with management and allocation of the team's workspaces at 256 McCaul and the Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship. EngSoc also provides our Team with an annual tuition levy that comprises a large portion of our funding.

The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at Western University has generously given our Team access to their wind tunnel to test the aerodynamic designs of our vehicles in a controlled, laboratory environment. We will be able to conduct tuft testing and aerodynamic thermography with their facilities for the first time and use this information to improve our vehicle designs in the future.

The Gene Haas Foundation has awarded our Team a generous grant which will be used to purchase materials and supplies, as well as competition entry fees, transportation, and most importantly, engineering and manufacturing training for new and existing members. Their support is integral to our Team’s human powered land speed record attempts and our pursuit of the Kremer International Marathon Prize for Human Powered Flight.

Bombardier generously granted HPVDT access to its Downsview facility and allowed us to test TITAN on its 2 kilometer long landing strip. This was essential for our Team practice leading up to the 2022 WHPSC, as it allowed us to practice launching, piloting and catching TITAN in a controlled and safe environment and at speeds that aren't attainable outside a flat, straight line environment. Their continuing support of our Team and the TITAN project is integral to our Team's pursuit of several categories of world human powered land speed records.

Magna International has generously provided HPVDT with a large cash sponsorship. This funding will allow the team to continue its plans for the year and purchase new materials and supplies that are needed to continue pushing the boundaries of human powered speed, flight and engineering. This money will also be used to fund training and engineering education for new team members that make up the next generation of engineers.

We receive funding on an annual basis from the University of Toronto Engineering Alumni Association.

Composites Canada assists our team with discounted supplies and materials, while also providing invaluable advice on the manufacturing techniques we use.

Aerolite Pedals makes the world’s lightest, lowest profile, and most efficient bicycle pedals. They have donated two pairs of their Titanium Time Trial pedals and clips for the Falcon Human Powered Aircraft Project and continue to provide ongoing support. These pedals ensure the athletes have an efficient and reliable connection to the cranks while reducing the aircraft weight by 1.5 lb.

SKF Canada Ltd. has provided our Team with credits to purchase their rolling and bearing products, as well as generously offered their time to help optimize our rolling and rotating designs used in our vehicles and accessories.

The University of Toronto Department of Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) is our host department. MSE has provided us with funding, testing facility access, and other assistance since the team’s inception.

Soprema donated large quantities of its foam products to HPVDT. These foam products will be used in the ribs, riblets and wing structure of the Falcon Human-Powered Aircraft Project.

Evonik, a long-time sponsor of HPVDT, supplies HPVDT with foam products that will be used in the wing and spar structure of the Falcon Human-Powered Aircraft.

Biomac makes custom, lightweight, carbon fiber cycling shoes by hand in Germany to fit each athlete. Biomac has supported the Falcon human powered aircraft project by providing two pairs of their Y^3 cycling shoes for athletic preparation.

TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon reinforcements have been generously provided by Oxeon for iterations of our aircraft wing spars and fuselage. TeXtreme® has also been used in our past and current projects, including TITAN, Viteza, Cyclone, and Eta Prime. Thank you for your continued support!

Texonic is a long-established weaver of technical fiber products. They have generously provided the team with different types of carbon fiber products for special applications in our vehicles.

The University of Toronto Division of Engineering Science has generously funded our team every year since 2010.

Metal Supermarkets has been our leading supplier of metal stock and products for many years.

The University of Toronto Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering has been a regular supporter of our Team for many years.

The University of Toronto Edward S. Rogers Division of Electrical and Computing Engineering has been a longtime team sponsor and supporter.

PCBWay provided funding for the team’s printed circuit boards in the human powered aircraft.

Rock West Composites provided our team with discounts on high-modulus carbon fiber that has been used in some of our advanced projects.

TrainerRoad has provided us with access to their software, which helps our athletes practice for race events.

Easy Composites has provided us with discounts on their tooling board products.

Amvic provided HPVDT with its EN-line of foam products, which we used in prototyping the leading edge sheathing of the Falcon Human-Powered Aircraft Project.

KHK supplied HPVDT with stock and custom made gears, all of which are central components of the drivetrain used in the Falcon Human-Powered Aircraft.

The University of Toronto Department of Physics generously provided us with liquid nitrogen.

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